Homemade Pepper Spray

DIY Pepper spray


Hello Everyone,

Thanks a lot for wonderful response and encouragement on my blog start. 

Today i thought let me share something very useful for all women, which helps them as a self-defense weapon when they’re not safe, which i recently got an idea about, how to make pepper spray at home, hmmm.. quite surprising right!!! Yes, here it is I’m sharing my idea on how to make pepper spray at home with only few items which are available in our kitchen.  

Recently I had been to all girl’s tour, when I started packing I was bit anxious like as we are going to unknown place, with only girl’s gang what if we get into trouble or what if something goes wrong (no offense I just wanted to have safer vacation), so I was like why don’t I buy a pepper spray, but since the trip was approaching I couldn’t have time to buy it, anyhow touch wood, it was all fine, we were safe and had a wonderful vacation 🙂 

After I came back from trip, I gave thought like why don’t I make my own pepper spray at home, so finally I got this idea and made it as well, so thought of sharing it with all girls and women, so I shared it on my website as the first DIY though it’s not related to Makeup or Fashion.

It’s very easy and can be done only with few ingredients available in your kitchen.

Below are the ingredients required:


1. Empty Spray bottle (Any empty spray bottle available at your place, or you can buy new one in health and glow store or online store like Amazon.in and check for travel kit storage bottles, where a spray bottle comes along)

2. 20 spoons of red chili powder (Any brand)

3. 2 lemons

4. 400-500 ml of water

5. Funnel to pour the solution to the bottle after preparation.

6. Face mask which covers nose to avoid coughing while preparing

7. Eyeglass (sunglass or normal glass) to avoid solution contacting with eye while preparing

Below is the procedure to prepare:

1. Please wear an Eye Glasses and face mask which covers your nose before you start preparing, as you might feel sneezy and spicy because of chili powder.

2. Take an empty bowl and add all the above ingredients one by one and stir until all the particles are dissolved in water.

3. Optionally you can even add red chili flakes for better effect 😀

4. Please make sure you don’t add too much water

5. Once the solution is done, transfer it to an Empty spray bottle with the help of funnel and you can preserve the leftover solution.

6. Ta da!!!  Homemade pepper spray is ready!!

If you feel it’s as easy and awesome idea, please share it with your family & friends!!

Stay Safe!! Stay happy!! 🙂 Happy weekend !! 🙂

Disclaimer: As you, all know Pepper spray is a self-defense weapon, and it should not be used otherwise for a prank or for fun, use it only when it’s defensible. Also, please make sure you keep it away from the reach of kids and children and please don’t experiment on anyone or yourself, and use it only when it’s required for your safety. The effect last for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

I shared this DIY only for safety purpose, please don’t feel offensive about the post.

Side effects may include blurriness of vision, coughing, and irritation. If by accidentally spray it yourself, sprinkle the cold water rigorously to your eyes and if irritation last for long please consult a doctor immediately.

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