Shopping destinations in Namma Bengaluru | StyleMeSwag

♥♥♥ Hello Everyone ♥♥♥ Most of them know I'm a big shopaholic and my main task during weekends would be to shop, so today I thought to share few local street shopping destinations in Bangalore. Few of the places you might already know, but nevertheless, share this post with your others so that it would help them.... Continue Reading →


Hello beautiful people, Hope you are doing well!! 😊 Well today's topic is "how to make rosewater at home".  These days when eatables are adulterated, why not cosmetics products, we have seen many brands available in market for rose water, but most of all of them have parabens, and parabens are big eniemes for skin. ... Continue Reading →

Plant Nanny |Cutest app to remind you to drink water regularly

Hello Everyone,  Hope you all are doing well. ♥♥ Today I thought let me share one of the cutest app which I'm using recently to keep track of my water intake.  Reminder to drink water is no more annoying when it's with "Plant Nanny" ♥♥ As we all know that we often forget to drink water regularly, and... Continue Reading →

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