15 Beauty hacks every woman should know

Hello gorgeous people 🙂

Today, I thought to share some amazing beauty hacks that every women should know. These hacks are really fun, clever and everyone should try !! 🙂 Try these hacks and thank me later 🙂

Tips and tricks to make life easy !!

Hack #1: Intense dark kajal DIY

Sometimes when we are running out late to work then where everything goes wrong and nothing works out. Doesn’t it happen for you girls that sometimes those amazing dark kajal pencil suddenly goes light and it doesn’t seem to come dark any more. So here i have an amazing tip, Take your regular kajal pencil and lit a lighter/match stick/candle on the tip, don’t keep it for long as it might liquefy, just hover the fire and then leave it for 30 seconds and apply, always test it out on the back of your hand before you go anywhere near your eye!! Ta-da those intense black kajal is ready to use.


Hack #2: Revive your dried mascara using eye drops 

Though mascara beautifies our eyes, sometimes it really turn out to be annoying when it dries up quickly.

So here is an amazing trick where you can turn that dried mascara to normal, and use it instantly. Just add few drops of eye drops into your mascara and shake them well, and your mascara back to normal again 🙂


Hack #3: Quick dry shampoo to FIX bad hair day

It always happen to me that, just after 3 days after my first hair wash, my scalp turns out to be too oily and champi, and i don’t want to spend on those expensive dry shampoo which will dry my hair and make rough.So here is an awesome trick get rid of that bad hair day. Just dab some baby powder onto your scalp and rub until all that oiliness is reduced, note: After this, your hair looks to be second day of the washed hair, don’t expect a clean washed hair.


Hack #4: Choosing right shade of foundation

Isn’t always annoying that how much every we check we always end up with either lighter shade or darker shade of foundation to our skin, to avoid this mess always try your foundation starting from lower part of your face towards your neck, and never try on your wrist.


Hack #5: Petroleum Jelly/ Vaseline to avoid clumps on lashes

Sometimes it happens that after applying those mascara some parts of the lashes looks clumpy with mascara, to avoid this apply some Vaseline onto your lashes before applying Mascara. You can use clean mascara spoolie to do this.  

Hack #6: Prevent blisters from shoes

We always love to wear that pretty looking new pair of shoes as soon as we buy them, but can’t tolerate those shoe bites and by the end of the day we end up have blisters all over feet, to avoid that rub some clear roll on deodorant all over your feet and then put on your shoe.


Hack #7: Stick bobby pin in the right way

Do you all know that all these while we used bobby pin in wrong way?

Here is the proper way to stick the bobby pin in the right way for that sturdy hairstyle.

Always put bobby pin the right side up as below.


Hack #8: Quick dry your nail polish with Iced water

I feel really annoyed when I have to wait for that nail polish to dry. If you also have the same problem, here is an amazing trick which can be used to dry your nail polish quickly.

Fill the bowl with ice cubes and water, after painting your nails just plunge your hands in Iced water for few minutes.


Hack #9: Fix the eyelash curlers and have an amazing Curled Lashes for a Long Time

I recently started using eyelash curlers, but I used to feel annoyed because I never used to get those curled lashes how much ever I try using eyelash curlers, so then I found this amazing trick, just heat the lash curler with dryer before using, and leave the lash curler to cool down for 2 or 3 minutes, and then curl your lashes for those amazing curled lashes.


Hack #10: Fuller lip tricks 

Get those fuller looking lips with this amazing trick, Firstly apply the lipstick and then line your lips, line it little outside the lip area carefully, to get those fuller looking lips.


Hack #11: Makeup remover hack to remove waterproof makeup

The makeup remover available in market hardly does the job that it claims, when it come to removing those stubborn waterproof makeup. So then where grandma tips help Just wipe those stubborn makeup with coconut oil/almond oil, this is an amazing hack for around the eyes as coconut oil/ almond oil are good to eyes, compared to those chemical based makeup removers.


Hack #12: Apply perfume in these areas, for fragrance to last long

Do you want your perfume fragrance last long, apply to these areas,

Behind the ear, Inside Wrist, Base of throat, Behind knee and Inside elbow


Hack #13: how to use compact mirror to check while you’re outside

Do you all know that we always checked in the compact mirror in the wrong way, instead reverse your compact mirror other way round for better view.


Hack #14: Petroleum jelly hack for clean nail polish application

If you are person who always mess up while applying nail polish, just line up around your nails with petroleum jelly using q tips before painting them for easy cleanup later.


Hack #15: Quick DIY nail art in minutes

If you’re beginner with nail arts, then you should really try this trick. Apply the nail polish of your choice and then let it dry and then Just stick those polka dots bandaid around your nails and apply another different color nail polish over bandaid, let it dry and then remove the bandaid carefully, the dots on the bandaid will give the polka dots effect, later if you feel you can prominent the dots using touch pick. 


Try these hacks, and let me know which is your favourite in the comment section below or on facebook page. 

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