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Do you all like surprises??? Do you all like to gifts and love to get surprised?? Do not worry at all because in today’s post I will let you all know about Subscription boxes available in India.  which sends surprising gifts every month. 

Sometimes it feels so good to pamper ourselves with some surprise gift, but it sounds funny like how to surprise ourselves :p Yes, we can surprise ourselves through variety of subscription boxes that are available in India, these subscription boxes have their own theme every month based on the occasions, and they would send some random cool products like clothes, accessories, makeup, skin care products and what not. So based on your choice you can subscribe to any subscription boxes. So today I would be listing and reviewing about few of the Subscription boxes available in India.  

You can subscribe to these subscription boxes for yourselves or you can send it to your dear ones as a gift for any special occasion, Birthday’s or Anniversaries when we are struggling to find a gift!! 🙂 

♥ Sugar Box ♥

sugar box.jpg

Sugar box is one of my personal favorite range of subscription box.  Sugar box has their monthly theme, each month based on occasion or season, like run away edition, boho chic edition, etc,. and currently, they are having sunshine edition so they would send the almost 4 to 5 items based on the name of the edition. It consists of box full of full sized, premium products of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food, and major plus in this subscription box is, if you have missed buying any of the month boxes, and if you liked it and want to buy them, you can buy them separately but yes you will have to pay some extra amount that is Rs. 1899/- per box for previous month boxes, while for current month would cost you Rs. 1499/-.

COST: Starting from Rs.1499/- per month – Buy here

♥ My Envy Box ♥

my envy.jpg

My envy box was only a beauty subscription box, but now they have come up with jewelry box as well.

Beauty subscription box – The Subscription Beauty Box comes with 5 product samples from Luxury & Prestige brands every month.

COST: Starting from Rs.850/- per month – Buy here

Jewelry subscription box – The Jewelry subscription box comes with 2-3 curated items of designer jewelry typically worth INR 6,500 and much more.

COST: Starting from Rs.2450/- per month – Buy here

♥ Bling Bag ♥


Bling bag is a monthly subscription box for trendy fashion jewelry, every month you would get a 3 hand picked stylish boutique fashion jewelry, customized as per your individual style preferences. You may expect to receive a mix of beautifully crafted fashion accessories ranging from earrings, bracelets, anklets, arm candies, finger rings, necklaces, hair accessories, belts, scarfs etc. the fashion blings will be packed in the trendy signature bag. It also has an exclusive range of unique and stylish fashion jewelry on e-store called “Bling Boutique”.

COST: Starting from Rs.1499/- per month – Buy here

♥ Fab Bag ♥

fab bag.jpg

Fab bag is a monthly subscription box for skin care,  cosmetics and also sometimes they do send fashion accessories or a cloth item. Every month they send 3 or more amazing products exclusively customized for each member and send them in a delightfully cute bag, they send full sized products or sometimes even samples, so you can try them and see if it works and buy full sized products with great discounts next time. Also, they do send “know-how” magazine to make the best use of products. Also, they have 10% discount on the first-time login, do make use of it.

COST: Starting from Rs.599/- per month – Buy here

♥ Glo Box ♥


Glo box a monthly subscription box for amazing beauty products like cosmetics, or skin care and what not. Glo box sends the high-end beauty products, they hear your concerns and based on that they send the products according to your skin type.

They have a variety of subscription types, do check their website for more details.

COST: Starting from Rs.599/- per month – Buy here

♥ Oh Cute Box ♥


OhCuteBox is a beauty subscription box that has 4 to 6 deluxe size of beauty and grooming product samples. Every month, they curate a selection of best-sellers, high-end and trendy beauty products in deluxe travel sizes to be included in your OhCuteBox. It is specially made for the Indian woman who wants to treat herself with the right beauty products.

COST: Starting from Rs.540/- per month – Buy here

♥ Vanity Cask ♥


VanityCask is beauty box that gets delivered to your home. It contains samples of luxury beauty brands, handpicked by experts, to suit Indian women. The current box for August’17 is the VanityCask Monsoon Makeover Edition. It is a culmination of brands like Glamisha, Vôtre, Gulnare & The Nature’s Co. and aims to bring the gift of Skincare & Haircare Secrets to women across the country.

COST: Starting from Rs.999/- per month – Buy here

♥ GlamEgo ♥


GlamEgo is an online beauty subscription service. Instead of you spending on pricey products that you are clueless about GlamEgo subscription box send the sample high- products every month, you can use them, and if it works you can purchase the full sized products on their website with a great discount.

COST: Starting from Rs.299/- per month – Buy here

♥ The Yogi Box ♥


The Yogi Box is a monthly subscription with a mix of 5-7 full or sample size beauty products. All products are from partners who are in the organic and wellness space. Balanced mix of products that help people live a more natural lifestyle

COST: Starting from Rs.533/- per month – Buy here

♥ Mystery Box ♥


Mystery Box is a monthly subscription box for women. Each month they will offer 4 to 5 products based on the theme of the month. Every product is specially handpicked to fulfill your desire for latest in beauty, fashion, lifestyle personal care & much more.

COST: Starting from Rs.1249/- per month – Buy here

♥ The Violet Box ♥


TheViolet beauty box is beautifully designed with thoughtfully curated luxury & vegan beauty products, exquisite teas & coffee and artisan chocolates will be delivered every month. Get 10 – 12 luxury, organic & vegan beauty products with indulgences in the Violet Box.

COST: Starting from Rs.1490/- per month – Buy here

♥ Being Juliet ♥


Being Juliet is periods subscription box available in India, Get your monthly periods box 5 days before your period date, at your doorstep. Filled with sanitary essentials, period pain comforters, and thoughtful gift.

In this BEJULIET Plan of BeingJuliet Periods Box, choose up to 20 sanitary essentials, Select date as per your flow & All major brands are available as you can choose according to your need.

COST: Starting from Rs.300/- per month – Buy here

♥ O My Bag ♥


A box of skin care trial products so carefully created for you to try every month.
They make sure their products are purely organic, are paraben, sulfate and petrolatum free products, and contain no harmful colorants or chemicals.

COST: Starting from Rs.399/- per month – Buy here

♥ Waytoshave ♥


Waytoshave introduces a 3 blade razor, free handle (in the 1st pack) with 12 Cartridges. Subscribe & order to get a smooth shave especially for women.

Thick aloe vera & vitamin E strip to soothe every stroke. Soft rubber guide fin to lift the hair.

COST: Starting from Rs.399/- per month – Buy here

Subscribe to these subscription boxes and enjoy surprising yourselves or your loved ones!! 🙂

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