Plant Nanny |Cutest app to remind you to drink water regularly

Hello Everyone,  Hope you all are doing well. ♥♥ Today I thought let me share one of the cutest app which I'm using recently to keep track of my water intake.  Reminder to drink water is no more annoying when it's with "Plant Nanny" ♥♥ As we all know that we often forget to drink water regularly, and... Continue Reading →

How to make a “Perfect” Poof hairstyle

Hello Beautiful ladies,  Hope you are doing well, apologies for not posting last week, as I was busy 🙂  The Poof hairstyle has become more trendy these days. The "poof" is a relatively simple yet elegant hairstyle. Almost anyone can create this look, and it doesn't take much time. Poof hairstyle also makes your face look... Continue Reading →


Hello Everyone,  Are you excited to plan your vacation in this summer but worried of after effects of tanning and blemishes???? Here is an amazing method I’m sharing today, which works instantly on sun tan and provides an instant glow to your skin, this is a homemade instant face & body pack. Sun tanning is a process... Continue Reading →

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